KFM Cuckoo Broadcasting Schedule

Listen Live Here For the Cuckoo Weekendfleadhnagcuach1

Please allow 30 secconds for audio to load once you press the play button.

Kinvara FM – ‘Cuckoo Fleadh’ Live Broadcast- 2017


KFM are delighted to be broadcasting live online at www.kinvarafm.com during the Cuckoo Fleadh in Kinvara.

This event marks our 1 year broadcasting anniversary ! with over 100 fantastic programmes created on Kinvara Fm its been a fantastic year.

Keep in touch with our facebook and twitter for news and updates, all going well we will be on the FM in August 2017.


We will be broadcasting great music and coverage of this fantastic event on Saturday  from 12am to 5pm and Sunday for the ‘Cuckoo Fun Run’ from 11-3pm

Tune in online or listen back to our podcasts on Kinvarafm.com

To contact the station email kinvarafm@gmail.com or text 0834681472 



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