Cruinniu 2017 The Beating Heart of Kinvara with John Conneelly 19th August 2017

This special program was recorded on the Quay in Kinvara on our OB unit. The Cruinniu is the gathering of the old sailing cargo vessels used to bring turf and food to and from Kinvara across Galway Bay from Connemara.
These sailing boats are famous they are known as Galway Hookers and require a great deal of skill to sail.
This program talks about the old days, interviews and of course including local Irish music including the Old Plaid Shawl


  1. Great to listen to everyone in Kinvara from Melbourne Australia it has been fifty years since i lived in kinvara.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the feedback and I’ll pass on your message to John Conneelly. Reaching out to ex Kinvara folk round the world like your self is one of the aims of Kinvara FM.

      Any plans to come back to Kinvara for a visit?

      David Mossman

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