Kinvara People with Mary Meijer June 24th 2017

Mary Meijer and her guest Roger Phillimore continue explorations around the ghost that Roger had felt around his house, taking us aboard the ill-fated ocean liner Lusitania and following Alfred Vanderbilt I, who travelled with a meaningful purple leather box of pearls, not aware that he was to be prematurely reunited with the secret love of his life. For part 1 of the story, listen back to the Kinvara People podcast of last Christmas.

Kinvara People with Mary Meijer 27th May 2017

Mary Meijer talks with the versatile artist Cath Taylor, how she ended up in Kinvara (cycling from Wales!) and how she lives as an artist. Be ready for a wide range of talents and some live performances!
First Broadcast Live on Kinvara FM 27th May 2017