Kinvara FM – Your Community Radio

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Tune In Every Saturday & Sunday from 12-8
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Kinvara is the perfect location for a community radio station. There are so many interesting people here from every walk of life including farmers, artists, musicians, sports enthusiasts, business and professional people as well as the youth of Kinvara – the perfect mix for interesting listening for everybody.

If you belong to the wider Kinvara community around the world, you can listen online to the upcoming radio shows and keep in touch with what’s going on at home.

It’s for Everyone

Kinvara FM is open to all of the community so please let us know if you’d like to get involved in this exciting project.  Click here to volunteer.

Kinvara FM was licenced to broadcast on 92.4 fm for 15 weekends this year, our new longer licence will be awarded in 2018 in the meantime we will continue to broadcast on the internet and upload podcasts from all our established and and also new presenters to give you a taste of what’s to come, and showcase the wide range of programs produced by Kinvara FM.

Support Kinvara FM

In order to keep on air we depend on the support of the whole Kinvara community. We have had a great response for volunteers to become involved but, like any project, we also need funds. If you would like to support us and help your community, why not make a donation to help us realise our goal of providing a great community radio for Kinvara, and for the Kinvara diaspora scattered across the world. Simply click on the Donate button below and give us what you can. Thank you.