Sample Fonts

Before adding content to our site, you must comply with our guidelines in order to maintain the design and fluid look of our website. You must not change any text colour, nor change the size of font. If you wish to use headings, or highlight a paragraph, please use one of the ‘Headings’ below (when you apply a ‘heading’, it applies to the full paragraph, or header if ‘return’ is used after the heading). Only use italics and bolding of font sparingly. Our aim is to present a clean, easy to read and stylish look on our site.

Please note that the various headings will appear as black text when composing the page/post in wp-admin, as the styling (colours, font, etc.) are only applied on the live site. Therefore, ‘Publish’ your page/post and view it on your browser to see how it looks to the viewer.

This is an example of ‘Heading 1’

This is an example of ‘Heading 2’

This is an example of ‘Heading 3’

This is an example of ‘Heading 4’

This is an example of ‘Heading 5’
This is an example of ‘Heading 6’

This is a sample of a normal paragraph, i.e. normal text on the site

Any content found to be in breach of these guidelines will be removed.